“Flying at a Higher Standard”

Alaska Seaplanes is headquartered in Juneau and operates year-round.

As the premier commuter airline of Southeast Alaska, Alaska Seaplanes employs about 90 people and serves the markets of Skagway, Haines, Gustavus, Hoonah, Kake, Sitka, Angoon, Tenakee Springs, Pelican, Elfin Cove and Excursion Inlet.  The airline also offers charter service throughout Southeast Alaska.

On floats, the Alaska Seaplanes fleet includes three DeHavilland Beaver aircraft and one Cessna 206.  Its wheeled aircraft includes three Cessna Grand Caravans, one Piper Chieftain, three Cessna 207’s, and one Piper Saratoga.  Alaska Seaplanes also operates two amphibious aircraft – one Cessna Caravan and a Cessna 206 providing additional lift to both wheel and float destinations.

A majority of the aircraft is operated by Kalinin Aviation LLC dba Alaska Seaplanes.  However, one aircraft, a Piper Chieftain, is operated by Air Excursions, LLC, dba Alaska Seaplanes.

Most of Alaska Seaplanes’ aircraft utilize Capstone avionics technology; which is a significant safety tool that allows pilots to fly with a moving GPS map that continually depicts the plane’s proximity to terrain, weather and other aircraft.

For those coming to visit the Inside Passage, it is the number one choice for arriving to these island communities to experience the unadulterated beauty of Unseen Alaska.


Upon arrival in Juneau, guests will retrieve their bags and take a quick walk down the 100 ft. hallway to check in at Alaska Seaplanes. Flights with a final destination in a community with a runway will depart from the terminal and Juneau’s main runway on a wheeled aircraft like the Cessna Caravan or a smaller Cessna 207.

Floatplanes depart from the floatplane pond and travelers will be directed to a shuttle to the pond.  Visitors who are taking their first floatplane flight find this  a particularly exciting experience and a nod to a by-gone era of flight.


Southeast Alaska is famous for unpredictable weather and safety is always the top priority for Alaska Seaplanes.  Keep that in mind and be prepared for possible weather related delays.  It is suggested that travelers add a buffer day before and after your flight into the small towns of the Inside Passage so that weather delays won’t cause you to miss your flight out of Juneau.  Plus it adds an additional day of sight-seeing!


Don’t want to stick to a scheduled itinerary?  Alaska Seaplanes offers charter flights that are perfect if you’re looking to have an adventure of your own making.  Charter flights can drop you off at a location that makes it easy to kayak to a remote cabin or maybe you just want to spend the day bear viewing  with Pack Creek Bear Tours (also operated by Alaska Seaplanes). All it takes is a little research and planning and with the help of the Alaska Seaplanes team you can be off to explore one of the most beautiful locations on earth.

The Alaska Seaplanes commuter flights are the fastest and most regularly scheduled modes of travel to the communities throughout the Inside Passage.  Although there are ferries on the Alaska Marine Highway System that also serve the region, they travel much more slowly and infrequently, with some docking in each community as little as just once a month.

Again and again, Alaska Seaplanes service proves to be the easiest way for locals to get to where they need to be and the fastest way for visitors to get their vacations started.


Floatplanes have a baggage weight limit of 50 lbs. and wheeled planes have a limit of 70 lbs.  It is also important to note that these smaller planes do not have room for carry-on luggage.  For these reasons, travelers are encouraged to pack as lightly as possible. Fees will be assessed for additional or overweight luggage.

For travelers who may not need all of their luggage, Alaska Seaplanes’ bag offers a storage facility to the right of the main terminal. There is a $10 per day, per bag fee. For those arriving in Juneau  in the morning and want to spend the day sight-seeing prior to a flight out with Alaska Seaplanes, they will hold bags behind the counter at no charge.


Alaska Seaplanes pilots are some of the best folks you’ll meet.  Not only are they the nicest, but their love for and knowledge of Alaska’s Inside Passage will be your first introduction to the communities you visit.  As Kent Craford, an owner of Alaska Seaplanes has been quoted as saying , “The people are the best part.”

If you are ready for the adventure of a lifetime, it is easy to book your flight through Alaska Seaplanes website. If you have questions or need additional advice, you can also call the folks at Alaska Seaplanes who are are happy to more details and information about the communities they serve and the lodging and activities you can find in each.